“Why We Strive For Status”

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“Why We Strive For Status”, Written 2003 by Geoffrey Cowley, a Newsweek Writer discusses how strive for status has come a long way from the 13th century to now. The article begins by talking about men’s manner have improved since Genghis Khan’s days. Genghis Khan was an emperor that conquered two-thirds of the known world during the 13th century and crediting him for 20,000 descendants 33 years after his death. 800 years later after Genghis Khans time, men are still considered the same animals at heart that is to say men are status seekers. Men go right on building hierarchic structures and fighting for status within. Scientist discovered status seeking is not just a habit or a cultural tradition. It’s a design feature of the male psyche, made up by hormones and brain chemicals that regulate the nervous system. The dominance drive influences the perceptions, color friendship, shapes moods and affects health. However, hierarchies can produce peace and harmony as well as conflict and unfairness but men are not always worse off for it. Studies suggest that boys are assertive than girls at 13 months, aggressive as toddlers and competitive at any age. While schoolgirls engage in cooperative play but boys as young as six establish adolescents, men boast, threaten and disputes more that girls do. The article continues by explaining the contrast in animal and humans. Frans de Waal, a behavioral scientist at Emory University and the Yerkes National Primate Research Centers states “Male chimpanzees have an extraordinarily strong drive for dominance”, constantly jockeying for position. Like in human men, their bodies produce a surge of testosterone, a hormone known for boosting body mass and aggressiveness quickly responding to physical... ... middle of paper ... ...depression for not believing in hope Also my overall reaction is after reading the article, striving for status is just like a competition. We all want to stand out among other with a good job and good wardrobe. The article states that researchers have gather information that show women favor signs of “earning capacity” over good looks. In a bar scene, a girl covered with tattoos with favor a guy with tattoos maybe with an attitude over the guy sitting at bar having a drink. If we take a more in depth look at the situation, those with high self of steam will have more hook up. The guy will only care on how much action he will receive due to the macho image/status he carries. Just how Genghis Khan lived his life. The power he had attracted the ladies which brought all the sex he wanted. After 33 years of after his death, he was credited for 20,000 descendants.
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