Why We Need to Reform Education Now

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Education was an early jewel in the American crown, the content of which has vastly increased since its inception. Unfortunately, there are also aspects of it that are deteriorating. There are three differentiating theories that those who evaluate public schools espouse when articulating the problems within America’s public school system. Yet, whether one applies the functionalist perspective, the conflict perspective or the symbolic interactionist perspective to forward that observation, each agree, theoretically, with one unifying position: public school in America is losing ground in its ability to provide a satisfactory learning outcome for every student who is mandated to attend. Although each observer has their own unique and thought provoking vantage point, when superimposed one upon the other there is a profound upshot that can be gained and utilized to guide innovative directions that may exponentially circumvent the inadequacies currently associated with the public school system. By utilizing all three together to form a solution, instead of blaming one or another, the problems inherent in the education system as it now exists can be overcome. Without a unified and objective approach it is probable that the system will continue to fail the populace, and the country will cumulatively suffer. Education was once a formidable and respected privilege of being an American, but, through the blanket socialization of its directives and deterrence from its original concept as a strict academic learning environment, it has lost its effectiveness. Public school education in America today is a breeding ground for social apathy, perpetuated by a sense of entitlement that has been incubated in placated citizens.
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