Why They Serve’’ by Sarah Palin

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The three texts ‘’Why They Serve’’ by Sarah Palin, ‘’A soldier’s story: War affects whole family’’ by David Zucchino, and ‘’The Making of a Marine Officer’’ by Joel Pitney each present the reader with a different view on the notion of serving in the army by encompassing both the negatives and positives of doing so.

Palin, the mother of a deployed soldier, believes that the fundamental motivation to serve stems from the hope of a secured and safe future for one’s family. Continuing this train of thought, she goes on to explain and to emphasize that America is built on an idea; therefore, according to Palin, people in serve feel that they are defending the very concept of America itself when its core values, especially freedom, are at risk.

Zucchino’s article has some resonance with Palin, but he does, however, reveal the drearier sides of serving for one’s country. Telling the story of the veteran Ryan Kahlor, Zucchino shows that some soldiers arrive home devoid of life and unable to cope in their social environment, causing a negative impact on their surroundings too. This leads ...
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