Why The Beatles Revolutionized Music and Pop Culture

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So much has been said about the Beatles, they are regarded as one if not the most influential and greatest band of all time. They were not just a great band, their music revolutionized the way music was made back then and even today. Their songwriting skills and their ability to make great music were unmatched. People have said they were ahead of their time and set the standard of songwriting and music making. Not only were they important because of their music, their message of love and peace was a great influence on the world at that time as well. Even after almost fifty plus years, they still have an influence on popular culture and music to this day. In this essay I will make the case why the Beatles revolutionized music and pop culture with their style, lyrics, and message of peace and love. If it were not for the Beatles, music would not be what it is today. The Beatles are the most successful music group of all time and even if they were just known as any other music group they would have secured their place in history, but they were more than just a group. The Beatles changed the way everyone hears music. They could send a message of happiness and peace and make millions of people happy and have hope for the future.

The Beatles formed in the early sixties, in the early years it was just John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison with a few other members who were in the band. They started out playing in local pubs, clubs, and strip clubs when they had the chance. But the Beatles as everyone knows them by were formed in 1962, the year Ringo Starr joined the Beatles and completed the “Fab Four.” In 1963, the year they would release their first LP album, their popularity would grow to new levels; the start of “Beatleman...

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