Why Should Legalize Prostitution

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Prostitution is the provision of sexual services for negotiated payment between consenting adults. Prostitution can be dated back to at least 2400 B.C. when it appeared on an ancient sumerian list of professions. Although sometimes called the “world’s oldest profession,” it 's banned in all states except for certain parts of Nevada. However, countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, and Canada legally accept money for sex. Countries, like Mexico, Argentina, Austria, France, and Italy also allow prostitution, but do not allow pimping and running of brothels. The United States should legalize prostitution as doing so could help reduce violence against prostitutes, help the economy, and stop sex trafficking. Legalizing prostitution…show more content…
Sex trafficking involves commercial sexual exploitation, is a gendered phenomenon whose victims are overwhelmingly women, and includes both international and domestic cases, in which there is no border crossing. Non consenting adults and all children forced into sexual activity (commercial or otherwise) deserve the full protection of the law and perpetrators deserve full punishment by the law. According to Linda Smith and Samantha Vardaman, child prostitution is “in cases where children under eighteen years of age are being prostituted, they count as victims of sex trafficking by definition, irrespective of whether they self-identify as victims.” While the U.S. federal government encourages states localities to identify and criminalize sex trafficking victims, the widespread failure of state and local governments to do so results in failure by the United States to comply with its own “minimal requirements for the elimination of human trafficking” articulated in the TIP report. If prostitution was legalized and sex workers had a good relationship with law enforcement. Law enforcements can use sex workers as vital key information sources to uncover sex trafficking rings. Prohibition of prostitution only provide cover to sex traffickers because it gives them the power to use the law to threaten women victims, particularly the younger ones. Women and children, who are forced against their will into…show more content…
According to Jeffrey J. Barrows, "Even if a prostitute is being tested every week for HIV, she will test negative for at least the first 4-6 weeks and possibly the first 12 weeks after being infected. If we assume that he or she takes only 4 weeks to become positive, because there is an additional lag time of 1-2 weeks to get the results back, there will be at best a window period of 6 weeks for a prostitute. The average prostitute services between 10-15 clients per day. This means that while the test is becoming positive and the results are becoming known, that prostitute may expose up to 630 clients to HIV. This is under the best of circumstances with testing every week and a four-week window period. It also assumes that the prostitute will quit working as soon as he or she finds out the test is HIV positive, which is highly unlikely. This is not the best approach for actually reducing harm. Instead, in order to slow the global spread of HIV/AIDS we should focus our efforts on abolishing

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