Prostitution Vs Prostitution

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Should A Woman 's V-Spot Be Regulated By The Government When people think prostitution they think of sex for money, diseases, crime, work place violence such as rape and also robbery. In every way they are right. Prostitution has become one of our major issues in the U.S. It has caused spreading of disease, unplanned pregnancy, deaths and robbery. You would think that with all the issues given with prostitution that we should continue with its illegalization, but that’s incorrect. Like many crimes prostitution is one that can never be completely contained. Though the use of marijuana is illegal, someone as simple as a middle school student can obtain it. Though the drinking age is obviously the age of twenty-one, many college or high school…show more content…
Prostitution is, technically speaking, engaging in sexual activity for an exchange of money. Although prostitution is traditionally traded for money, it can also be done for the exchange of jewelry, vehicles, clothing, housing, foods or basically anything that has a market value. Prostitution is done also by men but is done predominantly by women. This exchange for money is seen as abnormal way to make a living and is illeal in many countries. Most prostitutes will usually work for someone. In this matter the prostitute would give a portion of their earnings to their “employer” in exchange for housing and protection from clients. In other cases some prostitutes would rather work independently and have the advantage of keeping all their earnings. In such a scenario the prostitute will forfeit luxury of an added protection. The act of prostitution is legal and illegal depending on the country or even the culture. In countries where it is seen as illegal, prostitutes usually get fined or either little to maximum jail time for its crime and some get even get penalized with death. In countries or cultures where it is considered legal, there are usually rules and regulations given by their government officials to make sure that the local prostitutes practice safe sex in order to prevent the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The workers get general check ups to ensure that they pose no threat to customers which brings me to my first…show more content…
As most people would know, pornography is just another form of prostitution. "Pornography is a form of prostitution. Its producers and distributors can be defined as pimps as they are living off the earnings of prostitutes." (Kathleen Barry, PhD). Just as a pornographer is be paid for sex, so is a prostitute. Just as a director gets some of the pornographers pay as do the John get some of the prostitutes earning. Illegalization of prostitution on the bases that it isn’t on film and that its doesn’t consent to the first amendment is in many ways discriminating. If you pay someone to kill another person, is it not illegal? If you are paid for drugs is it still illegal? Legalizing pornography defeats the moral and physical purposes that are government used for illegalizing
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