Why Red Pandas Are Endangered

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There are under 3,000 red pandas left in the world. This is because they are losing over 50% of their habitat. They are endangered, but there are many ways to help.
First, lets explain red pandas a little more. I am going to tell you a lot about red pandas. Red pandas are endangered animals. There are nocturnal animals, so they come out and do stuff at night. They are omnivores. The scientific name for red pandas is ailurus fulgens, but they are most often called red pandas. They live in China and the Himalayas. They live in forests with mountains and tall trees. There are under 3,000 left in the world. Because they are omnivores, they eat insects, acorns, bamboo, berries, and eggs. Their predators are snow leopards, martens, and humans. They have about three babies at a time. Their babies are called cubs. The cubs live in their nest until they are 90 days old. The dad doesn’t care about the babies they have. He just leaves. The mom takes care of the cubs until it is time for them to leave. Red pandas are a rust color. They are descendants of giant pandas and raccoons. Because they are related to raccoons, they have a rust and white striped tail. Their size can reach from 24 inches, to 47 inches. Their size makes …show more content…

Almost 50% of their habitat is in the Eastern Himalayas. They are losing their home because it is being cleared. They are losing the trees and bamboo. They use the trees for nesting, and they spend almost all of their lives living in trees. They go on the ground, but they live in the trees. They eat lots of bamboo. It is one of the foods that they eat the most of. There are many ways to help red pandas. You can help by raising money to use to help them get their homes back. There are many programs you can donate to also. For example, one of the programs you can donate to is Red Panda Network. You can also adopt a red panda and the money with be used to make deforestation a crime in

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