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In this research paper, I chose the Red Panda to be the organism that I did my research on. The red panda is also known as “Firefox”, “Lesser Panda”, the “Red Cat-Bear” and get its name from the Giant Panda. Red panda is known to be the “lesser panda” because of the size compared to the giant panda. Western scientists first named this organism the “first panda” when it was first seen 50 years earlier. Only a few people have ever heard about the red panda, let alone have seen one. Red pandas are becoming extinct because of the forests becoming smaller and smaller. Since there is rapid deforestation there is less areas for the animals to eats which is leading this animal to be listed being an endangered species.
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The body length of an adult red panda ranges from 50-63.5 cm (19.7-25in). The tail length of an adult red panda ranges from 28-48.5cm (11.02-19.1in). The weight of an adult panda ranges from 3-6.2 kg (7lbs-14 lbs) (Konica Minolta Inc, 2016). The top speed of a red panda is 38 kph (24 mph). Their rusty colored thick fur covers most of their body except for the white colored fur that covers the ears, cheeks, muzzle and spots above the eye (A-Z Animals, 2016). The red panda have reddish brown stripes which run down the side of their white muzzle and have alternating light and dark rings on their tails. The claws of red pandas are semi-retractable which aids them in climbing and to have stability climbing the branches.The red pandas have tough, strong jaws which are used to chew bamboo. Red pandas have an extended wrist bone, like the Giant Panda, which is like a thumb that allows them to hold the bamboo when they are chewing it. The fur of red pandas is dense that helps to keep them warm during the cold winter with thick and woolly fur on the soles of their feet which prevents them from slipping on wet

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