Why My Parents Have Taught Me

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The many principles that my parents have taught me is to be outgoing, but most importantly an educated person, for allowing me to become what I am today, a respectful mature young lady. Both of my grandparents raised my own parents when being young kids into having discipline, responsibilities and obligations. Back in the day, the years were different and it required a lot more education/principles. Education has been one of the most maybe top five of me, my character. Since what I remember by parents always taught me the right path, not wrong, they always tried to fix my mistakes so I wouldn 't repeat them or make myself look bad in front of other people. They wanted me to be an educated person with principles, but I never understood why…show more content…
They always told me to respect others no matter who they were, if I knew them or not, it 's a sign of respect from me and to the other person. It will show that I did grow up with a good education and it will also talk good about my parents. They always told me and kept reminding me that actions speak louder than words, to always show something that I was made of and not something that I 'm not. Hearing other people out, it shows your interests or even if you 're not, but try to show it because it 's showing respect to that person. Being respectful is a big part of me, I can never forget that, because if I want to be respected, I respect other people, to treat them the same way as I want to be treated, even if I think that I 'm not going to receive it back, and if I don 't, it shows that I 'm the bigger person. I guess that showing gratitude was one of the first thing that my parents showed me when I was younger, I always remember when I would receive something they would whisper in my ear or tell me to say "thank you" same thing if I wanted something, to say "please". To respect myself and not let others take…show more content…
Honesty and obliging, obliging means to be helpful. My parents always have taught me to say the truth, no matter what they consequences were, it would be better so say the truth because one way or another the lie is going to come out and the consequences are going to be worse. To always be up front and fair, with myself and the people surrounding me. Sometimes we meet people that just are not honest, it could be from job, school, business, etc, and it just comes to a point where you just get tired of it and wouldn 't like to hang out with those people, because of their actions. We are all people with the same right and values, all wanting to be respected with fairness. Always lend a hand when other people in need of my help, I get this repeated a lot from my parents daily until now, not all the people have the same opportunities I have and may need some of my help, what I 'm trying to say is to not be envious of the things I can share with other people, because not all people are not like this, we always find a few in a thousands, and when I get to see those people with my own eyes and makes me think and understand that not everyone can help out others , all because of envy. Being obliging as to encouraging can be different topics but it relates because I 'm trying to helping them stay motivated, to don 't let their
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