Why Loyalty Is Important

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Three reasons why loyalty is important it helps you gain trust from other people, lets you help others and for them to help you, and also lets you set boundaries. Without theses things it is hard for someone to be loyal if you can’t even be trusted. Sometimes loyalty is hard to come by because not a lot of people have it or they do something to mess up whatever they have. Gaining someone’s trust isn’t always easy because they’re are different ways to gain it but you could also lose their trust in the process of gaining it. People think it’s hard to gain someone’s trust and it is because you have to do it in the way they want and not they way you want. Loyalty is something that you have to work for, something that just doesn’t just come to you in the begging. People who have loyalty are kind, caring and would do almost anything for you because they know you would do the same thing. In the end being loyal to someone always comes out good for you and that person. The second reason why is because it lets you help other and them help you. The only way your going to get someone to help you is if you help them then they will most likely do something in return for you. In the begging if your nice to someone they will be nice to you if you help someone they help you it all depends on how you treat them and how they treat you. When …show more content…

When setting a boundary you try and make sure no one crosses that because if they do then you could get hurt and that not fun at all. Boundaries let you know when you should stop or when you should keep going it all depends on where you boundary is set. People think that having a boundary is a sign of weakness but in reality it’s not it’s just letting people know where you can go be for you get hurt. To me this is one of the most important reasons to why loyalty is important because being loyal to someone is letting them kind of get close to you without them hurting

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