Why Learning about Florida's Diverse Hispanic Heritage and Culture is Important

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Hispanic's influence in Florida dates back for more than 500 years when the Spanish arrived and began to establish their permanent settlements. I am proud to say I?m an American of Hispanic descent. As a second generation Cuban-American and a Native of Florida, it is important for me to learn and pass down the unique qualities and richness of my Hispanic roots, culture and traditions.

From birth the Hispanic heritage has had a strong impact on me. Being raised in a bilingual home and learning Spanish in school, has provided me the advantage to communicate in both languages. Hispanic- Americans can socialize and understand both the English and Spanish community in Florida. Hispanics can also share my language with those of non- Hispanic descent. As I approach my college years and life, I think I will benefit from being bilingual.

Like the influence of the Spanish language, Hispanics have made many significant contributions Florida. In business, science, politics and education Hispanics have been a key factor in Florida?s development and its economy. It?s essential for people to know how Hispanics have contributed to this state, because without Hispanics the state of Florida may not be what it is today. It is important not only for me to learn of their accomplishments but to learn from them so that I too can be a productive Hispanic leader in my community.

Hispanics have a beautiful and unique culture. Our music, dancing and delicious foods have become an integral part of Florida. In Florida, we have been able to share these with everyone.

It is important to know about Hispanic culture and traditions so that I can teach others that aren?t Hispanic or don?t know the culture. Everyone should know about the Hispanic culture in Florida because it?
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