Why It's Time to Reform the Electoral College

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Why its time to reform the Electoral College

Even though the Electoral college worked in the past it isn’t working for the present. The Electoral College was created to help elect a president. How that works is the 50 states are assigned so many voting representatives depending on population in that state. This worked in the past due to most states population was equal but in present times its not so some states have more of a say so in electing the president of The United States. Even though the Electoral College worked in the past, it needs to be change for the present and these reasons are; it gives bigger states more votes and is unfair to smaller states (Clayton)

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was dominated by political compromise. It was hard trying to come up with a way to keep all states happy and be fair in electing a president. One option was to let the state legislate decide but this was overruled. But they knew they couldn't let the people really decide because most were farmers and peasants and so they came up with a plan to decide by giving each state electoral votes based on their state population which at the time worked out well. Now however in present times it doesn’t work because too much power is given to very few states for example 6 states decide the president of The United States because their population is so big they get more electoral votes.

However some people and/or politics are still for the electoral college because it makes winning a lot easier than popular vote does which isn't right. They believe this because why work hard when you don’t have too. But a good argument that they have made is that they say its for the people by the people. Thats the way it was meant to be but it’s not bec...

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