Why Is Washington Irving The Unknown Facts

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Tani Mercado
Mr. Howes
English 11 ERWC
21 December 2014
Washington Irving: The Unknown Facts
About His Life
Many years ago people invented stories to help show readers what it was like in the past. The people that wrote those stories are called authors and or writers. Many writers express their feelings in various ways. Some writers have creative ideas about romance. There are others that write about dark romanticism which is trying to explore the mysteries of human existence. It also expresses madness, evil, and alienation in the writer’s dark romanticism’s stories of dark events. Writers have changed the way we think. Stories that writers make are beneficial to us all. There are many stories that are read just for fun. Those stories consist of Romanticism and Dark Romanticism. One of these powerful writers was Washington Irving, not only because he is a talented writer but because he also focuses on Dark Romanticism. Irving’s Stories are creepy bitter and tragic. Washington Irving was a very different man; he had a secretive side that he didn’t want anyone knowing about, he has an unraveling world. Irving’s past was harsh, but also a huge success for him, he became a writer, and wrote stories that had to do with Dark Romanticism: Irving has a very drastic mood for the characters in his stories, his stories reflect his life, and in this way Irving’s background was mysterious, and his stories were a very deep meaning.

Washington Irving was a very ingenious writer; he did not express his stories with Romanticism but with something more creative and dark. Washington Irving has a big role for mood; his stories are creepy, mysterious, and evil. Irving’s stories reflect on the mood, a lot of his work had deep and evil thoughts. “T...

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...rd his successful life as an author or writer. Irving was a very deft man and his work is known all over. The death of Washington Irving impacted New York greatly after they heard from his death. His hometown was also very devastated.
Stories are much more than just a hobby. Stories are what we read every day, they are everywhere. Our lives are based on stories; they are the entirety of the world. Everybody relies on these to know about our past, what goes on in the world and everything that is important to us all. Washington Irving was not only a writer and he had deep and mystical stories that might be about his life. Dark Romanticism is not about love, it has a very mystical meaning of the everyday life. There are many other great writers that use dark romanticism but Washington Irving is the most outstanding and sensational author, of every author out there.

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