Why Is Boxing Be A Sport?

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Two boxers circle the ring, while waiting for an opening to deliver a knockout to their opponent. The crowd goes wild, the viewers have paid a substantial amount of money to witness a man falling to the mat; unconscious. Boxing is a martial art and combat sport that often turns into permanent damage. The intention of boxing is to win by hurting one’s opponent with delivering blows to their body and sometimes knocking them unconscious. The euphemistic of boxing is a human blood sport. Although boxing is a popular and active sport, there are other sports who do not intentionally try and physically hurt their rivalry. Boxing should be more controlled as a sport because it encourages violence, causes head injuries, and is dangerous. Boxing enthusiasts state that boxing is nonviolent and can be a good way to let out…show more content…
First, since brain damage in professional boxers is caused by the repetition of blows delivered to the head, it should be mandatory that professional boxers wear headgear in all boxing matches. Currently, headgear is only worn in amateur boxing since the early 1980’s. Headgear would certainly decrease the damage to the head as much as 50%. Additionally, boxers should stop wearing gloves. The blows to the head is damaged significantly by rotational acceleration of the cerebral cortex, and the spinal cord. This damage is provoked by the boxing gloves, which add weight and energy to the punches and causes more rotational acceleration. Also, the rules are not strict, there are no limitations on what a boxer can do to their opponent, until they declare a winner. Boxing does not have anybody on the side line determining whether or not the boxer is in position on finishing the fight. The only way boxing could potentially be safe was if it was regulated by a paternalism, but even then fans would not find it exciting and the purses would substantially

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