Why I Want to Become an Actuary

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Risk is opportunity. Being able to accurately calculate and quantify risk and turning it into opportunities is the secret to success behind many financial and insurance institutions. Failure in doing so could bring about undesirable consequences as exemplified in the 2008 financial crisis. In this sense, I believe that actuaries play a significant role in preventing future collapses like this and minimizing their financial impact by applying complex statistical methods and mathematical knowledge. The important nature of the work of an actuary and the huge responsibility associated with it along with my ardour for mathematics have stimulated my interest in being an actuary - the safeguards of the financial world. To me, mathematics is the true universal language. Whilst this language can be at times complex, my love for it is derived from its simplicity in terms of logic. For example, 1 plus 2 can never be equated to anything else but 3. Over the years, this passion for mathematics has grown exponentially particularly in the field of statistics and probability. Fewer things give me gr...
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