Why I Want To Be An Undecided Major

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Although I plan to enter DACC as an Undecided major, there are several topics that interest me. I have considered Business Administration, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, History, Political Science, Secondary Education, Small Business Ownership, and Theatre. Because I am interested is such a wide variety of majors, I am going into General Studies until I make a decision. I have considered starting my own business, most likely a pet store or clothing store, so that is why I have thought about majoring in Business Administration and Small Business Ownership. However, in the economy right now and the small town area I live in, it would be difficult opening a small business. I have taken this into consideration and that is not my first option at the moment. I have always been good with kids and I think I would enjoy teaching them, so I have thought about majoring in some form of …show more content…

This is my backup plan, though, because teachers do not make much money. It is also difficult to find a good job in teaching since it is such a popular occupation. Theatre is something I have enjoyed ever since I saw my first play. Since then, I have performed in six plays at my high school and at Danville Light Opera. Unfortunately, theatre is a dying art. I know it is unlikely I would make money off of this passion. Although I like to think I am fairly talented, I am not talented enough to make a career out of theatre. Even though I think I would enjoy this field immensely, it is not the wisest choice. This is why I would like to major in Political Science. I am very interested in politics and I think I would enjoy it as a career. Even if I do not make it as a successful politician, teaching Civics or history at a high school while also helping my community sounds like a great future.

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