Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid?

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Another reason that college athletes should not be paid is because they are, under NCAA rules, to be considered amateurs. In the National Collegiate Athletic Association Rules it states, “College athletes are not to be paid, not to cash in on their prominence, never to cross any kind of line of professionalism.” Steve Wieberg, of the USA Today, studied the rules that the NCAA has placed on paying college athletes. He concludes that, “Athletic programs are meant to be an integral part of the educational program” (Weinberg). The reoccurring theme here should be obvious now —education is the most important part of the student’s time in college and being an athlete should come second.
The great thing about amateur athletes and watching them play is that they play with more heart and determination then professionals. College athletes play because of the love of the sport, they play for pride not a paycheck. This is a crucial reason why college athletes should not be paid because sooner or later it will turn in …show more content…

There have been games at the college level where athletes have left everything they had on the field or court in order to win the game. Athletes do not need paychecks in order to perform. A college education is something that no one can take away. And receiving that education and all the extra gear and team apparel an athlete receives free of charge is enough to convince some players to play in college. The main reason an athlete decides to attend a college for sports is because of the scholarships. The NCAA reported that over $1 billion is spent on scholarships each year. That is a major reason why college athletes do not need to be paid. Keeping the amateurism of college athletes is very important to the NCAA. Overall, there is no reason college athletes should be paid to play the sport they love since they are already some of the most privileged students on

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