White Women Stereotypes

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During the antebellum time period stereotypes were a result of the misperceptions of blacks, based on white’s misconception of the black culture. Due to the fact, whites didn’t identify with the culture, because taking time to understand blacks was never necessary. Furthermore, whites formed these stereotypes to depict blacks in a negative light or how they expected them to behave. For example black males were either recognized as “Nat” a rebellious and aggressive slave whom can only be controlled by cruel punishments or death”, “Sambo” the happy slave whom loved to serve white folks, and lastly “ Jack” who is the faithful slave whom was rarely problematic, unless provoked and can be controlled by receiving whippings. Theses stereotypes have nothing to do with black people, but everything to do with whites justifying slavery and degrading blacks in …show more content…

Women were either looked up as jezebel whom were sexual tempting, alluring, and desirable, or mammy an overweight and unattractive slave whom loved her white family more than her own. These stereotypes are still presents today on reality TV and movies where you see black women being promiscuous and sleeping with multiply men and not knowing whom their child father is, or when you have the plus size usually darker skin women who plays the goofy and unattractive roles. Not only are these stereotype present on movies and television, but also in song lyrics were here guys saying “light skin is the right skin”, which is a racial preconception that form in the north during slavery. Therefore, the negative image of black women are plaster everywhere, so those whom never encounter black women would amused this was the behavior, because of how they were portrayed in the media. Also these stereotypes took a toll on black women as well whom felt like they weren’t good enough or beautiful, because they had darker

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