Analysis Of Janie's Role In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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that they can spend more time together because she missed him when he was at work and he missed her when he was away from home.
"Tell yuh whut, Janie, less buy us some shootin ' tools and go huntin ' round heah." "Dat would be fine, Tea Cake, exceptin ' you know Ah can 't shoot. But Ah 'd love tuh go wid you." "Oh, you needs tuh learn how. 'Tain 't no need uh you not knowin ' how tuh handle shootin ' tools. Even if you didn 't never find no game, it 's always some trashy rascal dat needs uh good Their Eyes Were Watching God 4 131 killin '," he laughed.” (Hurston 130)
Tea Cake teaching Janie how to shoot a gun shows that he doesn 't limit her from doing anything. The muck was a place full of strangers who were all there for the same reasons; …show more content…

Society puts a lot of pressure on a African American women to look and act a certain way to gain acceptance from the rest of the world. Like Janie and other women in the story , African American women tend to have to deal with the opinions of society as a whole; which includes jobs for employment, music, television shows, magazines, and men (both black and white). They have to compete with other women who aren 't African American and when it comes to African American women competing against one another, darker skin toned females get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to most …show more content…

The envious remarks from the women were definitely out of jealousy and a bit of resentment; Janie 's is younger than all of them and she had long beautiful hair which like in society today is considered a very important thing to have. Men however only looked at Janie as an object this is best seen in her second marriage with Joe Starks. Joe puts Janie on a pedestal he doesn 't allow her to interact with the rest of the community and he expresses that her place is in the home and not to anything more than look pretty and take care of him and his needs. The fact that Janie wanted to interact with the other women shows that she didn 't believe she was any better than the rest of them. However, because she couldn 't express that to the women in her community, they were left thinking that she felt differently. This type of miscommunication is the reason women sometimes form grudges and create issues with one

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