White Fang by Jack London

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Realism is an attention to detail and a replicated version of the true nature of reality. A realistic novel is when it focuses on the strengths of the character rather than the plot. The characters are complicated and their movements are very realistic to what a character of the same would do in life. Realism covers up nothing; it leaves no details to be imagined. Instead of major events it just steadily moves along not disturbed by other circumstances that might happen (Rahn). The novel White Fang, in my opinion, is a realistic novel. The reason I believe this is because the events that happen give every detail that would happen in real life. Also, the book focuses more on the characters than what is happening in the book. From the very start of the novel this theme is portrayed. The first part of the book starts out with Bill and Henry transporting a body of someone from their village, who was rich enough to be buried somewhere else. During this journey, their sled dogs and they were followed by a pack of wolves. The wolves were going through a famine so they were hungry. The way realism is portrayed is because the wolves were ruthless, they ate their dogs and they even ate Bill. If this book hadn’t been realism both Bill and Henry would’ve lived and the wolves would’ve gotten through the famine without killing anything, but because that is what would’ve happened in the wild, that’s what happened in the book. In part two the she-wolf and One-Eye had their cubs. Only the grey cub lived because in the wild only one cub is normally strong enough to survive. The grey cub was the one who survived because he was the strongest and the smartest, like how in the wild this is the cub that would survive. The way that the grey cub had ... ... middle of paper ... ... the strongest one would be her mate because they would produce the best cubs and because he had won her by showing his strength. Jack London’s theme for White Fang is social Darwinism and he shows this through the character White Fang and his journey through life. He also gives more examples through different parts in the book, but if White Fang wouldn’t have been the strongest or the fittest he wouldn’t have survived, which means that there would have been no story. It is very easy to see how “survival of the fittest” is a major theme in this book. Works Cited Rahn, Josh. “Realism.” Online-Literature.com. Jalic, Inc.5 February 2014. Web. 2011. “Social Darwinism.” Random House Dictionary. 2013. Web. “Social Darwinism.” The American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. 3rd ed. 2005. Web.

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