Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

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Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

Six thousand years ago in Northern Europe a teenager named Torak wakes up with his shoulder throbbing in pain. His father lies next to him bleeding from an open wound. The two have been attacked by an enormous demon bear, which is bound to come back at any moment. As he bleeds out, Torak’s father can only bare to say a few more words. He says that the demon bear will only grow stronger with each kill it makes, and he also tells Torak that he has to go to the Mountain of the World Spirit in order to defeat the bear. With his last few breaths he reveals that a guide will find Torak and lead him to the mountain. There is so much more that Torak wants to know, but it is too late. He hears the bear crashing through the forest and takes off in the opposite direction. After running for miles Torak stumbles upon a small wolf den that had been destroyed by a flash flood. The only wolf who survived the flood is a small wolf pup. The pup gives a small howl and instantly memories of the past begin to flow through Torak. At a very young age Torak’s mother died and his father placed him in a wolf den for three months. The wolves took him in and raised him as one of their own. While in the den Torak formed a strong bond with the wolves and learned how to communicate with them. Back at the den the pup begins to howl, and Torak joins in. The two become great friends and treat each other like brothers. The wolf calls Torak Tall Tailness and Torak calls the pup Wolf. The brothers track, hunt, and play together for many moons. Torak comes to the realization that Wolf is his guide, and together they begin to head north towards the Mountain of the World Spirit.

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... and gets over them quickly. One of the most lovable messages in the novel is the friendship between Torak and Wolf. When they first meet Wolf seems to annoy Torak because he wants to play all of the time. Eventually Torak gives in to Wolf’s pestering and the two form an unbreakable bond. The brother-like pair communicates so swiftly that they can hunt and track together with outstanding ease. Without the friendship of Wolf and Torak the demon bear would probably not have been defeated. Overall, this friendship helps to spread the message of perseverance in the novel because Torak and Wolf don’t have to face the bear and other challenges on their own. Wolf Brother is a must-read book because of its heart-warming friendships and thrilling action scenes. The enjoyable characters and enticing plot line keep readers on the edge of their seat throughout the whole book.

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