White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime

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White Collar crime is not a crime unto it self, but instead a criteria that has to be met in order for a crime to be considered as White- Collar Crime; (Blount, 2002) hence the reason why Corporate Crime is also considered as White- Collar Crime. At the same time, White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime can be seen as distinct criminological categories, however, in order to reveal this, this essay will firstly be exploring Sutherland's definition of white collar crime and the perplexity with this definition of white-collar crime. It will then be looking at the modification which had to take place with Sutherland's definition of white-collar crime in order to established a distinction between white-collar and corporate crime. Consequently, this essay will show in what ways and to what extent white collar crime and corporate crime are distinct criminological categories.

Before Edwin Sutherland emerged with with the term white-collar crime, criminologist where only interested in crimes that were committed by lower class people; crimes of the powerless. These crimes includes, burglary, theft, vandalism as well as more serious crimes. Researchers also wanted to find out the reasons to why these individuals committed crimes. Their findings led them to concluded that it was due to pathologies of individual offenders, as well as poverty and deprivation. However, this was challenged by Sutherland who argued that people from upper social class are also involved in criminal behaviours. Though, their criminal behaviours are different from that of individuals from lower socio economic class. Croal, (2001). (the history)

Considering that those from upper social class do not face the same challenges as those from lower socio economi...

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...oration to exist there must be individuals who are running it. Therefore any offence that is committed by a corporation, in actually is being committed by individual/s in the course of their occupation.

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