Why Juveniles Commit Crime?

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Most humans tend to live by example and studies prove that our behavior is learned, but how do we explained the bad behavior of those that have good parents that are excellent role models. Some people would said that the parents are too flexible and the kids take advantage of them in the other hand when parents neglect the kids and are bad role models for their kids we easily find the answer to the problem. As a society we contradict ourselves for example; sometimes we tell parents to not be too flexible with our kids but at the same time we do not want parents to discipline their children too harsh. The question of why juveniles commit crime does not have an exact answer. Some juveniles commit crime because of peer pressure, anger against life, and others might be just do it for fun. Even though the question does not have a conquer answer to why juveniles commit crime we know that different factors contribute to the issue. In the book True Notebooks Mark the author did not only explain his personal experience as a volunteer teacher at the juvenile hall, but also what he learned from his students and how his perspective change regarding the juveniles as he spend more time with them. Mark also discover that even though he was not aware of it he was making a positive change on some of them and the fact that he was willing to teach them a writing class meant so much for some of the students, and most important Mark present on the book the different reasons juveniles commit crime.
As time passes our juvenile justice system changes we are tending to focus on punishment rather than in rehabilitation. In the book Sister Janet was one of the few people that believed that the juveniles deserve to be treated normal and received positive s...

... middle of paper ... about the book is that the author introduced different characters with different paths that lead them to criminal activity. I also liked the fact that Mark gave the kids an opportunity to express their feelings and in some way escape the reality especially those that were sentence to 15 years in prison. I personally believe that Mark learned a lot more from his students than what the students learned from him. The books also helped me understand teenagers a lot better especially now that I started working at a group home I understand the different behavior each client have. It made me realize that each one comes with a different background and that is important to listen to what they have to say. Overall the book is great and mostly because is nonfiction. Is important to keep on mind that our goal with juveniles is to change their path way in a positive way.