What is it like to be a ‘Mother Figure’?

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The play “Mother figure” is a contemporary play written in the 1960’s about what it’s like to be a mother. In the 1950’s women were valued only as a stay at home mother, their life was dedicated to the children until the 1960’s when people started to question if that is what mothers should be doing. Ayckbourn explores political issues about mothers in a comical way; he exaggerates the mother of the play, Lucy, to give a hidden message about the political views. He expresses his views that women shouldn’t just be for looking after the children but they should have their own lives. These views however were unpalatable to some people, they wouldn’t want women to do anything but stay at home and look after the children. In addition they wouldn’t pay to see a play about politics this is why he chose to express it in a comical way. The play shows that at the time, women get married and have children they couldn’t work, they had to spend all their time dedicated to the children. The first time we meet Lucy she appears rushed, busy and isolated. The stage directions show she is wearing “dressing-gown and slippers” I visualize her to be wearing a big fluffy pink dressing gown with big fluffy slippers, hair going in all directions, the characteristically funny image of a stressed mother. This is where the humour starts in the play. Ayckbourn presents Lucy as a role model, one of the ways he shows this is through isolation. She ignores the door bell and the phone ringing for the reason that she has her hands full, with the phone she simply picks up the receiver then replaces it straight away, this shows she has no time for phone calls. Ayckbourn is trying to show that being a mother is inflexible, hard work it’s not as easy as it could be p... ... middle of paper ... ... own way. Ayckbourn shows Lucy's mother qualities by the satisfaction she takes in the end when she's resolved the situation and made sure everyone’s happy. Ayckbourn is showing in this section about men getting their own way against women and how things should be different. I agree with this view, men and women should be equal and treated the same. In conclusion this play is exploring the issues about women being stay at home mothers at the time. We see strengths of a mother, and on the other hand we do see the great personal cost that mothers have to pay. He shows that mothers lose their identity by being a mother; their entire life is devoted to the children and not themselves. In my opinion Ayckbourn's play is well written, I feel that he has shown the issues well and in a way that people would have started to comprehend his point when they watched the play.

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