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Describe what you are recording about. Identify whether it was a journal paper, book chapter; practice observation; taught theory; lecture or other. In this journal I am going to look at what youth work provision is and to also give the reader some insight into the experiences LGBT people have had with their church. The views come from people I have talked to during the course of my investigation; I have only used the participants Christian name and age and have stated if they are a youth worker for confidential purposes. Understanding What was the main message? What did I understand was being said by the author; lecturer; practitioner etc… What argument was used to support their position? Youth provision should be available to any young person and should be a place where young people feel welcomed and treated with respect regardless of race, gender, class, ability or sexual orientation. Sam McCready cited in Youth Work Policy and Delivery in a North South Context Ireland 2012:P12 stated that youth work should be “To ensure the provision of opportunities for children, young people and young adults to gain for themselves knowledge, skills and experience to reach their full potential as valued individuals, to encourage the development of mutual understanding and to promote recognition of and mutual respect for cultural diversity.” Youth work is about equality and inclusion of young people and the values of equity, diversity and interdependence should always be a forefront of any youth provision. Unfortunately talking to people from the LGB community many of them have not had a positive experience of faith-based youth work, both as young people and an employee. Because of the negative experiences there may be a misbelief that p... ... middle of paper ... ...efs and is their aim conversion? I doubt I will ever find out about all faith based youth clubs ethos and what the underlying principles of their work are. But I hope to find out as much as I can from people working in the sector, from people who have had experiences with faith organisations and reading literature on different churches and their beliefs. Works Cited Kennerly, G., O’Leary, R. (2012) Moving Forward Together: Homosexuality and the Church of Ireland. Belfast: Changing Attitudes Ireland Kingston, M. (2012) Share Your Story. Gay and Lesbian Experiences of Church. Dublin: Changing Attitudes Ireland Mitchell, C., McConnell, G. (2011) LGBT Communities’ Experiences of Faith and Church in Northern Ireland. Dublin: Irish Peace Centres Youthnet. (2012) Youth Work Policy and Delivery in Ireland. A North South Context. Dublin: National Youth Council of Ireland

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