What is Leadership Success

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Historically, leadership skills have been the source of many research projects and white papers. One such focus zeroed in on the three skilled approach as suggested by Katz many years ago (Northouse, 2013). The following analysis of Andy Garafollo and his management will be based upon the three skills approach of technical, human, and conceptual skills.
As Andy has three completely different managers in Kelly, Danielle, and Patrick, it will be important for him to understand each one’s skill strengths and opportunities. Northouse (2013) suggests that skills are the qualities that a leader calls upon to accomplish specific goals. Further, the level of management in the organization will denote the mix of skills necessary for a manager to be effective. (Northouse, 2013). As such, in the lower level management role held by these three managers, they must focus on technical and human aspects of their approaches.
Kelly has great technical skills, as she is efficient in all task focused activity. As Northouse (2013) presents “technical skills play an essential role in producing the actual products a company is designed to produce” (P. 44). As such, Andy has been witness to Kelly’s strong ability to place accurate orders and fulfill the preparation duties necessary to yield a quality product.
However, she lacks the human skill aspect in her management of her respective department. Andy has observed her deficiencies in getting along with other departments and working well with others. Researcher Morand (2001) states that “the ability to get along with, to develop trusting relations with, and to communicate effectively with others comprises a set of skills long deemed central to the task of management” (p. 21). Truly, in...

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...help in this realm of operations. As the coach and teacher of his supportive management team, he should work with Kelly, Danielle, and Patrick to help them develop the skills necessary to keep him informed of daily operations of the business. Honestly, his focus should remain on the conceptual level in order to maintain his competitive advantage in the market place.
In the end, Andy has developed a management team which, going forward, will need him to use his coaching and teaching abilities to develop the areas of weakness in each manager. As business continues to remain competitive, it is important for Andy to focus on the conceptual aspects of business development and customer service. Ultimately, the skills and competencies of Andy’s leadership approach has made the business what it is today and will assist him to in the future with ongoing success.
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