What is Beauty?

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What is Beauty? Is it the figure of the woman we see? Why do we think that someone is only beautiful if they have make-up and other false beauty enhancers to make themselves feel more impeccable to others. Dove the company behind all the natural shampoos and gels want to know what people of today think real impeccable beauty is.

The Dove self-esteem fun, Beauty, Real Girls, Real Pressure: A national report (June 2008) describes how many girls think they aren't good enough or cute enough that guys won't like them. The author uses statistics from the survey from dove to show all the insecurities women have today. This document was written to show how many women feel uncomfortable to help raise their self-esteem. The intended audience are men and women alike to show them how many women are insecure. Women have a lot to live up to these days with all the pictures and models out in the world making it harder for women to try and get men to think of them as beautiful. In the media beauty is a fantasy that other women wish they could have.

The Dove Campaign, beauty, Media portrays beauty as an unattainable wish, Women in Media (2008) describes how all models in media are enhanced physically with make-up and technologically with computers. Dove asks many women what they think beauty is to depict images of what children think real beauty is. The purpose was to verify to mothers, aunts, and sisters that in the eyes of siblings and children they are beautiful. The intended audience are women that think they need fake beauty to achieve impeccable beauty. Real beauty can mean only one thing, that is, that the person is not using anything to enhance their beauty in any way. Most women when they get older they ten...

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...s may make the person appear more desirable but it does not change what type of a person they are. The real beauty of a person is their natural feelings, looks, and attitude nothing can ever distort or even change how a person acts towards others. Dove has really found out what real beauty is and what people think real beauty is. Today they can change one school’s mind about beauty tomorrow they could change the world.

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