Influence of Media on How Beauty is Percieved in Society

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The media has one of the most influential impacts on what is seen as beauty in society (Bromley, 2012).Women spend thousands of dollars on products and cosmetics to achieve the unrealistic and unhealthy look of models on advertisements (Valenti, 2007). In most extreme cases, women who feel that their unhealthy weight goal is not achieved turn to extreme eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating (Cunning, 2011). However, despite the unrealistic frames of models on advertisements, women are still lured and pressured into the “perfect” image that is portrayed by the media using race, youth, and sexuality (Bromley, 2012).
Victoria’s Secret “I Love my Body” lingerie campaign was being critiqued for this assignment. The reason why this advertisement was chosen is because of its irony. Victoria’s Secret is attempting to promote healthy bodies, and encouraging women to love the skin that they are in, which is contradicting to the image that is portrayed in the campaign. Advertisements intend to have very specific messages (Valenti, 2007). As individuals attempt to decode these messages, women get an idea of what the media believes beauty is, causing multimillion dollar industries due to lack of self esteem (Joey, 2003).
Often times, magazines use images of youthful looking models to promote lingerie. In the case of the Victoria’s Secret advertisement the target audience are adolescence to middle aged women since the models in the commercial appear to be young in age. Beauty is seen as youth in this advertisement since all of the women in the photo appear to be young in age, with no signs of aging. Youthful looking women in advertisements are seen as vulnerable and show the weakness of women in a patriarc...

... middle of paper ... more susceptible and are told about what they should look like and be perceived as by the media. The song “Sexy Bitch” by Akon supports the idea that women are seen as sexual objects of men. “Im trying to find the words to describe this girl without being direspectful” shows how being called a “Sexy Bitch” is positively influenced.
Although advertisements may be seen as harmless, one ought to recognize that the media has a large impact on a woman’s self esteem. Marketers use flawless models in their advertisements in order to attract women and induce marketing comsumption of their product. As women try to achieve their unrealistic body frame, women turn to extreme dieting, and eating disorders to achieve their goal. Although these goals are unrealistic, women are still lured by media. Therefore, media has a large impact on the health, and self esteem of women.

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