What Was Life Like In Ancient Rome

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If i had to have lunch with one person from ancient rome i would have to pick julius caesar, we would most likely be eating some kind of meat like hare, or beef. followed by fruit and\or nuts. ww.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/romans/family_and_children/ and we drank just plain water and julius had wine he says “ even kids drink some wine here” he asked me “if i wnated some wine” but i said “no thanks, im not a drinker”.http://ask.mrdonn.org/rome/35.html first thing i asked was “hows life like in ancient rome” he replied “well that depends if your wealthy life is great for me i have a good life in rome, but if your not wealthy life is not well for you, they live in shabby houses that could easliey burn down or just fall apart they sweat it all out in the city”.http://www.pbs.org/empires/romans/empire/life.html. then i asked him “Why did Romans persecute the Christians?” he…show more content…
When Christians' refused to worship Roman gods, it was seen as a rebellion. Christianity's appeal to slaves, women, and Gentiles also alarmed the Romans.’’ then i asked him another question about the rich and poor. “How did life differ for the rich and poor in Roman cities?” he said “The rich citizens (patricians) were wealthy landowners and high government officials. Poor people (plebeians) could vote but not become government officials.” ‘’that sounds very interesting i said to him.’’ then a another question came to mind that i thought was very interesting and really wanted an answer.’”What economic and political problems weakened the Roman Empire?” he said a very very long but great explanation “Some economic problem was that the empire stopped expanding in the 100s C.E. The government raised taxes in response. War decreased agriculture and overuse

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