What Makes Counseling Or Therapy Helpful?

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Everyone has a different personal theory about human behaviour, why people encounter suffering and what makes counseling or therapy helpful. After learning about different mental and physical illnesses throughout secondary school and post secondary school, I began to discover my own beliefs about why people suffer. My theory suggests that suffering is caused by a persons childhood and family experiences. Since this is the beginning of my professional years in social work I am still in the process of distinguishing my own personal theory and may adjust my theory as this class progresses. My theory or opinion on why people encounter suffering is because of childhood and family experiences. I have created this theory because most mental illnesses do not develop without previous stressors. For example, when a client’s history contains child abuse or trauma, this may lead to suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses in the future. Questioning the clients past may help the social worker understand why they are in need of therapy and how to alleviate their suffering. I also believe people suffer because seeking help is difficult and the stigma around mental health may prevent them from asking for help. Having a healthy and comfortable relationship with the counselor will help the client feel confident and hopeful of change in their lives. Helping the client put their past experiences and issues into words may help the client find a resolution. Creating goals with the client and giving a necessary amount of time to fulfill the goals without pressuring or rushing the client will help work towards change. In addition, providing support and confidentiality when the client expresses their feelings and experiences will al... ... middle of paper ... ...rested in clinical work and would like to pursue a career within a clinical setting after achieving my master’s degree in social work. Therefore, the theory I have established that explains why people suffer is based on their childhood and family past experiences. I have been exposed to examples of this theory that has ensured my theory is reliable. Moreover, I have discussed what a clinician can do to alleviate suffering by enabling a confidential positive relationship with the client. This theory has strengths and limitations that may affect the reliability, but in most cases this theory is accurate. I look forward to learning about the other theories throughout this course and refining my theory to eliminate possible limitations. After taking this course I hope I will have my own theory with minimal limitations that I feel confident using in a clinical setting.
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