What Is Vaccine?

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Vaccines are a big part of the modern world. They help our immune system in the same way someone runs a training course; preparing for something they may encounter in the future. Vaccines have many benefits that can help in the long run, that is why I stand in firm affirmation that vaccines should be required for children. To clarify, a vaccine provides active acquired immunity to certain viruses and diseases; a vaccine is biologically prepared. I offer the following contentions in affirmation of the resolution. Contention 1: To begin with, my first point is the fact that vaccines can save lives. According to the Immunization Partnership, individuals who have been vaccinated do get sick, the risk of complications and duration of illness …show more content…

According to Sanjay Gupta, the Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN and practicing neurosurgeon, “...you are 100 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to have a serious allergic reaction to a vaccine that protects you against measles…” (Pro/Con). It is a big controversy that vaccines can cause autism but there is no proof or physical evidence of such claims. Furthermore, Dr. Bob Sears of the CDC states, “every year in the United States between 3,000 and 4,500 severe vaccine reactions are reported to the Centers for Disease Control. Not mild reactions. Severe reactions that land somebody in the hospital, the intensive care unit or cause a permanent disability or death.” (Sharockman, Aaron). This is a low number considering there are 323 million people in the US. Because of this, the system requires any recent vaccines to be recorded. Although there is no proven correlation between the …show more content…

Vaccines are proven to save lives and serious and/or fatal side effects are very rare. Vaccines are a vital to life being long and healthy. This being said, vaccines do not prevent you from catching a common cold from time to time. Vaccines are specific for viruses and diseases; they are made to prevent disease and illness from being spread. Vaccines also help the modern technology and medicinal world. I must affirm this resolution; vaccines should be required for children. Thank you for your time. Based on what the negative position has said, I have a few final thoughts; not everything can be cured, and fatal side effects are very rare. Not everything can be cured with rest and fluids, yes symptoms can be subdued, but not entirely cured. Vaccines are a big controversy in the modern world. Many people are for vaccines, many people are against vaccines. Some people don’t even care about vaccines. Vaccines are definitely something to be concerned about. A vaccine can have serious side effects, some of which include death or disability. This is why I stand firmly resolved, vaccines should NOT be required for

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  • Affirms that vaccines should be required for children. they help our immune system in the same way someone runs a training course.
  • Argues that vaccines can save lives, since they protect the immune system, which is not fully developed in children until they are five years old.
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