What Is Truth Or Lying?

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Truth or lies? Having people to trust is really difficult, not knowing whether a person is lying or actually telling the truth. How do you know is a person is lying? Is the bigger question. In this essay I will talk about many different ways about how spot a liar or a truthful person. I have listen to two different Ted talks about how to spot a liar and the future of lying. Many of us has said a lie or told a lie, we all had some kind of guilt in this situation. We all know a fact that we had said leis to our parents or even our closest friend. Everyone who were in this situation has fallen for a lie and everyone believes it, not knowing if maybe they are saying the truth or maybe it’s just a lie and just goes along with it. Half of us have heard or read a short article about small little things how to spot a liar, the most common people have heard is “ if the person's eye is twitching he is a lying” or “ you flare your nostrils I know you're lying”. Not many people know the “truth” about lying and why do people do it, is because they don’t want that one person to know or they don’t want to hurt that person?…show more content…
This has been part of us for centuries and we have been so embedded into lying that it has to stay in our daily lives. Think about it everyone has said a lied and we don’t know whether it’s really the truth or just another lie you agree to believe. For example children are the most common little people to ever lie to their parents about eating a cookie before their meal or washing their teeth before going to bed, another example are babies they cry and cry for no good reason just to get attention from the mother and be happy shortly
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