What Is The Wreck Narrative Essay

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The Wreck The mid-summer of September 11, 2011 was one of the scariest things that had ever happened to me. You know how you watch a movie that has one of them scenes that has a really bad car wreck and either, someone dies or everyone somehow survive. Well, that’s how I felt when I got into this wreck. This one had really shaken me up extremely bad it was like my life flash before my eyes and especially knowing that I probably wouldn’t get to see what I was having yet. Yes, at that time I was pregnant and that what made the whole situation so terrifying and so nerve wrecking. This accident had taught me a lot by not watching out for myself, but for others that is doing the reckless driving. Before the accident took place I was going to…show more content…
She came running with her arms wide open to hug me and she looked at me to see if I was ok. As she got on the phone with the insurance company I didn’t have no choice but to tell her the new. I walked up to her and said “Mom, I have something that I’ve been meaning to tell you!” That’s when I knew I had her attention because she looked me in my face with that oh what now look. “Well I’m pregnant! I wanted to take you out to dinner but we had so much going on.” The only thing she could do was just look at me in shocked and didn’t talk to me. The only thing she was I needed to get back in the ambulance to make sure the baby was ok and she asked my boyfriend at the time if he was riding in the ambulance with me. He told her yes and got in with…show more content…
When I was at the OB it took so long to see the doctor because there was so many people in front of me. Ms. Vicky, which was my doctor made sure that the baby was fine and sent me on to get my ultra sound. My mom and I got to the other side of Greenville Memorial to the doctor’s office to get my ultra sound done. When we got there the females in there where very friendly and easy going also comfortable for me. The nurse called my name to come to come to the room and of course I told my mom to come back there with me so she can be the first to find out what I was having. As I laid in the chair the nurse had recline the chair back and the doctor asked “Would you like to know what you’re having or do you want to wait? Looking all excited I said “I want to know now! I just have a feeling that it’s going to be a boy.” She put the jelly on my stomach and use the monitor to find the baby and turn to find out I was right the baby was a boy. Out of the blue I started hearing “Congrats! He was ready for you to see him!” Now looking at the monitor his legs was wide open with his hands on his face like I always have mines. They printed out the pictures and my mom was excited to find out that I was having a boy and we started doing some shopping that
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