What Is The Theme Of The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock

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T.S. Eliot explores the thematic implications of man’s emotional distance and its consequences relating to the natural lifespan’s brevity. In his poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, Eliot uses images that exemplify the aging process, moving the narrator through a concession of events that can never be reversed. This pattern of images suggests that life is short despite the narrative voice asserting that there continues to be time left. There is a form of delay that is being forced onto the individuals within the text that corrupts their imagined future. Eliot represents the striking divide between fiction and reality through the stagnancy of the narrator as well as the representations of the passage of time. In short, the poem discusses the concept of a wasted life as caused by the discretion of the individual.…show more content…
The title informed readers of the manner in which they are supposed to comprehend the text, implying that it will be a representation of J. Alfred Prufrock’s affection. By contrast, the poem’s narrative speaker is never truly able to reconcile his feelings toward the individual he addresses. The narrator begins by asking the receiver of the poem to “go” with him as the “evening is spread out against the sky” (1-2). Beginning with this form of endearment allows the text to draw forward the reader into a situation of romance that quickly disintegrates as the poem progresses. The beauty of the image of the evening walk turns to horror as it morphs into a “patient etherized upon the table” (3). This is representative of the looming inaction of the narrator, as though he, like the evening itself is under some form of anaesthetic that sedates
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