What Is The Negative Effects Of Sexual Abuse?

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Dave Pelzer, a famous author haunted for life from child abuse once said, “Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.” Is it even humanly possible for ordinary people to imagine the horrific daily lives each abused child must go through? Being targeted by parents or siblings, or witnessing the abuse of parents or siblings must take a gigantic toll after so many periodic events. From physical, to psychological and sexual abuse, one could never sum up the tremendous pain and agony a child living in an abusive home faces day-to-day. Living in an abusive home ruins a childhood and impacts the rest of a person’s life forever. Not only are there various negative impacts from abuse,…show more content…
These unusual differences can also have many effects on children’s academic performance. Children who are sexually abused tend to be more aggressive and highly agitated. This could cause disruptive outbursts during class, aggressiveness towards other students, or easily frustrated when it comes to mildly or difficult tasks. Sexual abusers degrade their victims and make them feel like worthless animals. This can impact children to have a great loss of self esteem and make them feel antisocial. Abused children may also be clingy to other adults or peers; looking for someone to admire them as human beings and give them love and support that their abuser steals away from them. These effects can create many huge barriers in education. With no self esteem or pride, students may fail to meet the requirements of the curriculum, because they simple do not have any pride or worth ethic. Being antisocial will cause children to feel inferior to their peers. They may have trouble making new friends or keeping friends and have the status of being “socially awkward.” Children who are abused are also known to have substance abuse and drug problems. “As well as ruining childhoods, early abuse is associated with drug and alcohol problems and also increases the risk of depressions, post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship difficulties, and negative self image (Stewart.2014). With all these factors and alcohol and drugs in a student’s life they will focus more on their drugs and less on their education. Also, most students who abuse drugs end up dropping out of

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