What Is The Just Path To Righteousness?

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Justice a commonly used term throughout history dividing the world into what 's wrong and right.justice is based on honesty, and equality for all. Justice is the fundamental system that keeps control over within our society. Human justice is based solely on god 's laws who categorize the “just” from “unjust”.The bible is used as a set of guidelines given to the world by god for his children to reach their full potential and achieve righteousness. Within the bible the old and new testament are compared and contrasted to show the ideal image of justice and what it takes to achieve while also showing how each testament handles it differently. Within the old testament the ten commandments are used to convey the idea of justice. Along with the ideas of democracy, individual worth, freedom, the rights of human divine purpose in the world. The commandments are a set of rules that are given by god to allow an individual to take the “just” path to righteousness. When you look within the ten commandments you begin to see that the first four targeting the person vs person relationship while the last six focus the person vs person interaction . The ten commandments…show more content…
Grace within biblical time is defined as as forgiveness, repentance, and god 's grace towards man without judgement. God 's unmerited forgiveness on man even without deserved. God 's grace within ourselves supplies us with the necessary steps be good. Id define his grace as being god 's enoughness for the sins that we commit while he still remains in our corner. Retrospectively grace is the only thing needed for salvation which is displayed in Ephesians 2:8 “ For by grace are ye saved through faith and not of thyself, it is the gift of god”. One aspect of salvation is justification meaning that god will assess each individual based on the payment Jesus Christ gave for ours
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