What Is The Interrelationship Between Management Control System And Strategy

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1. Introduction
2. Definitions of Management Control System (MCS)
3. Definition of Strategy
4. The interrelationship between Management Control System and Strategy
5. Conclusion
6. References

This assignment examines the interrelationship between management control systems (MCS) and strategy. The conventional view is that the MCS is shaped by organisational strategy, where as more contemporary researches suggest that there may be two-way relationships between the two variables. Recently, there has been interest in the relationship between management control system and strategy, however it has been suggested that the
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Corporate strategy is concerned with decisions about the types of businesses to operate in, including what businesses to acquire or divest, and how best to structure and finance the company (Johnson & Scholes, 1889, p. 9). It is concerned with the way resources are focused to convert distinct competences into competitive advantage (Andrews, 1980, pp. 18-19). Johnson (1987, pp 4-5) stated that strategic decisions occur at many levels of managerial…show more content…
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