What Is The Importance Of Technology In Modern Society

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Edwin Lara Tara Brophy English 21 March 2014 Technology Technology run in the veins of society it is the fuel that drives people's lives in today’s world (Oak par. 1). Everyday life has improved and made society depend on technologically advanced means of transportation, human health and medicines, how we get our information, communication and even our entertainment. Technology has simplified people’s work and made life very comfortable. Computers, cell phones etc, are so effective, simple and fast to use” (“Importance Of Technology”). Machines cleaning homes and streets, this greatly shows how things have changed over the years, all this is done by a simple press of a button or flip of a switch. Who had ever thought that an integrated circuit the size of a chip would take the place of an entire line of workers in a factory. Well even though this has improved efficiency, decreased human mistakes and made work even faster this is a negative thing for society. I believe and know that advancing technology is definitely needed in todays life and future life. Modern society has been greatly affected and improved by the rapidly advancing medical technology available in today’s day and age. Human health is the general condition of a person’s mind and body, usually meaning sickness, injury, or pain, as in good health (“Webster”). Over the last century the advances in medical technology has had a dramatic impact on the lives of people worldwide. In the early nineteen-hundreds with the minimal technology available the average life expectancy was about forty-eight, and over the last hundred years technology has advanced the average life expectancy has almost doubled to about eighty-three y... ... middle of paper ... ...l resources” to work. Society's dependency of technology in some cases just as bad as Tobacco or being obese. Technology is becoming a problem that can not be easily stopped due to how crucial it is to today's modernized world (Glidden par. 4). Technology has caused the people in modern society to become inpatient by giving every one that the idea of “high-speed“ means instant, but all this has done is caused “stressful behavior” because of periods of time when waiting is required. Modern society has become so dependent on technology that major business, companies, education systems and even governments run on technology and would fall apart without it. Society is so well interlinked and dependent on technology that it is like the dependency of a baby to its mother, and as the baby would not survive without the mother society wouldn't survive without its technology.
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