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The Aspects of Our Identity It is interesting to wonder about what aspects creates someone’s identity. Identity is something that distinguishes someone’s character and what makes a person unique and different. The topic of identity is a very controversial topic and has many viewpoints and opinions. As more and more people have shared their opinions and joined the conversation about identity, people can start figuring out what their own opinion of identity is. It is important to realize that there is a mass aspects of identity that can change a viewpoint when looking at each different one. Some questions that will hopefully be answered -- “Are people born with an identity?”, “What makes us who we really are?”, “Is our sense of identity true?” -- to rectify for you what identity truly is. When someone comes into this world, the first thing they’re given is a name. One of the biggest parts of someone’s identity and it’s given right off the bat. Other than a name, though, there is absolutely nothing for someone to identify with. Everything is yet to be drawn on, a blank slate. Are people born with their identity …show more content…

“Are people born with an identity?”, “What makes us who we really are?”, “Is our sense of identity true?” are very important questions a person needs to ask when questioning their opinion on identity. The first question’s answer is that people are not born with an identity. They create it themselves as they grow and develop. “What makes us who we really are” depends on the influence that other people have had on a person. The answer to the last question is that the way a person views themselves differs so therefore our sense of identity is not true. Hopefully, these answers don’t bring up any altruisms and a final conclusion can be made. After looking into many of the aspects that go into identity, people can develop their own opinions on

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