What Is Marching Band Essay

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I have been a member of marching band ever since I was in eighth grade. Marching, and music itself, was almost part of my DNA, with my entire family having been involved in musical organizations before me. My journey into the world of marching band began as a timid, reserved, and anxiety-filled girl who did not know anybody else involved in the organization. I was convinced that I was going to hate it, and came home from most of our summer rehearsals in tears. That was when older members started reaching out to me; they invited me to lunches and dinners during band camp, and sat with me during breaks so that I did not have to be alone. Eventually I made other friends my age, and I did not need to cling to them as much, but I still considered…show more content…
It gave me memories, opportunities, my best friends, and the best group of seventy or more people I could have ever hoped for. Without band I would not have gone on to any of the leadership positions I acquired, would not have met my best friends from my hometown or at college, and I would not have accomplished nearly as much as I have. It gave me confidence, respect, and discipline, qualities I am very grateful to have. Above all else, it gave me music. The ability to play an instrument is something I will never lose, and a talent which allows me to express my emotions and thoughts in a less forthright manner. I firmly believe that the marching band is the soundtrack to every student’s high school career, whether they are in band or not. Because with every football game, pep rally, and national anthem they hear, a family of band nerds sat in a room for hours each week perfecting it. No high school experience is complete without the band marching on at half time, or crowds of people cheering along to the fight song or alma mater. Marching band is the kind of activity that changes you in ways you do not realize until much later when you look back on the experience. Even if you were not involved in the band- it still affects you somehow. Because it is more than music and awkward