What Is Community Policing Essay

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Community Policing Community policing, as much as many people frown upon it, is an important job which requires police officers to respond to many problems in the community by a simple call. In order for a police to be effective in the community, this officer must be able to possess skills needed to work together with the community to solve problems. “Community policing is defined as involving three key components: developing community partnerships, engaging in problem solving, and implementing community policing organizational features.” (What Is Community Policing?, n.d.) There are many controversy surrounding the job of a police officer. Many officers are frequently associated with over using their powers when certain situations occur.…show more content…
“Community policing comprises three primary elements, two of which are problem-solving to reduce crime and disorder by addressing their immediate underlying conditions, and implementing associated organizational changes to help ensure that the community policing philosophy can be successfully implemented, sustained, and institutionalized.” (Chapman, 2008) In order to lessen crime in a community, residents must be able to trust and respect the police and also vice versa. If there is no trust or respect given or received there will always be a hostile environment in which the police will not be able to carry out their job properly without citizens obstructing officers. On numerous occasions this leads to more crime and violence in these…show more content…
Standing alone, it will not succeed. Advocates of community policing seek a needed change in the mission and methods of the police. They argue that the police should focus their efforts on reducing fear and maintaining public order on the quality of life in neighborhoods.” This article centralizes the main problems occurring in communities in today’s society. Police officers are dehumanized and humiliated by the society due to scenarios they are placed in, but whenever there are small incidents the same officers are the first ones to be called and they are expected to be present at the scene and restore peace. Police are placed in certain situations at times where they are easily placed in the wrong and are at the center of protests. A major form of police needed in a community are foot patrol officers. “This criticism is accurate. As studies confirm, the passing police car does little to make us feel safer or to deter crime; it distances the police from the community and prevents them from focusing on patterns of conduct that injure community life. Community policing calls for a return to foot patrol. It harks back to the halcyon days when an officer was permanently assigned to the same area so that he came to know its residents and their problems. No sensible law enforcement official can quarrel with such reforms, many of which are long overdue. But before community policing is fully embraced, important caveats
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