What I Know About My Life

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From a young age I knew I was different, I wasn’t like everyone else that lived near me. Being born and raised in a small predominately Italian influence town that was all I knew till my pre-teens. My nationality was something that has shaped me into who I am and what I believe in to this day. Once said by Irena Sendler: “People can be only divided into good or bad; their race, religion, nationality don 't matter.” In my eyes she couldn’t have said this any better because we need to not let race define who we are but only to mold us into the person we should be. My great great grandparents on my mother’s side were immigrants from Naples, Italy that settled in wonderful Westerly, Rhode Island where I resided the first 12 years of my life. From the language spoke to the food all I knew was my Italian heritage. Being raised by a single mother, she told me my dad was Egyptian but it wasn’t something I wasn’t exposed to daily so I had no curiosity to learn. My mother showed me certain rituals that she did when she was little that she passed down to me and my siblings. The stereotypical women stay home to cook and clean while men go out and work wasn’t anything that I saw in my household. Yet a large majority of my friend’s parents stood by that saying. It wasn’t an option for our family so she showed us three what it took to uphold the household as well as take care of herself. We attended a catholic mass every Sunday where we were baptized in a catholic church. With that being said our church has a strong influence with the roman catholic beliefs that equally tied into my Italian roots. Needless to say I wasn’t opposed to any of these views because this is all I knew; it became second nature since from even when I can’t remember ... ... middle of paper ... ...of who I am and where I come from. The diversity in both schools is wide-spread and there are countless opportunities to grow not only as a student but as well as a future heath professional. Having a one sided view like I did when I was younger would have only hindered my career because not everyone is alike, we all have different blood lines which makes this world amazing. Nationality is such a touchy subject and not many people in todays society are willing to expand their knowledge on it all. Not saying one should know the ins and outs of each culture but to know a little about a few opens your eyes on everything because you don’t have a one tracked mind and you have the ability to see so much more in life. Being shown both sides of my families backgrounds has made me not only appreciate where I come from but it also has made me want to learn about so many more.

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