What Exactly Is A Creative Well By Julia Cameron Analysis

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In 1992, Penguin Group published a book by Julia Cameron titled The Artist 's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. The self-help book helped coin the term "creative well."

What exactly is a "creative well"? As bloggers, writers, creative business people, most of us are very creative. The creative person may come up with dozens of new ideas in a single day. Because the creative person is always pouring things out in the form of new projects, writing, and work, there does come a point where the creative person 's inner well from which all this creativity flows runs dry. It must be "refilled" from time to time in order to keep the creativity flowing.

"Serious art is born from serious play.” - Julia Cameron
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Cameron gives two main tools to help free your creativity, but within each chapter are many other tips, tools and techniques that will help build your creativity.

The two big tools that Cameron offers that you can apply starting today and help expand your creative side are:

freewritingMorning Pages

Cameron recommends writing in a journal for a minimum of three pages every morning. This is done in a freewriting style, where your thoughts flow and you write them out. You do not worry about punctuation, spelling, or grammar. You simply write. If you can 't think of something to write, then you write: "I don 't know what to write." You write those words until something comes to you.

This is called "getting rid of the clutter" and helps free your mind of all the junk that goes on in a given day so that your brain can focus on the task at hand - writing.

Artist Dates

artist dateAn artist date is something you do completely by yourself. It should be something fun, different, exciting, or something you love. The idea is to refill your creative well so that you have more ideas than you had before. Some examples of artist …show more content…

Idea starters can kick start the creative process and get ideas flowing.
Write a fabulous headline. Jerry Low has some examples from top bloggers out there. Write a headline that not only engages the reader, but has good SEO, and the rest of the article may just flow easily.
Take a walk around the block. Exercise gets oxygen flowing through your body. There is also something about walking that seems to free the thought process.
Read an article on improving a writing skill. We have many here at WHSR to get you started.
Work on improving your website 's design or style. Sometimes focusing on a different aspect of your blog can free up your creativity for the actual blog posts.
Listen to music.
Read similar articles to the ones you 're working on. You never want to copy another writer or website, but sometimes reading your competition will show you where there are holes in their copy and you can then fill those holes with unique topics of your own.
Ways to Refill Your Creative Well refilling wellIf you are completely burned out and all of the above ideas simply aren 't cutting it, then it is time to move to emergency measures to refill your creative well. First, don 't try to write at the moment. If you have to, hire a writer to create a few pieces for you to give your mind some time to heal from all the stress it 's

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