What Doesn't Kill You Makes you Stronger

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When the doctors told my mom that she only had twenty-four hours to live, she didn’t believe them and fought for her life? In June of 2004, she was diagnosed with a rare disease, which, at the time only 60 people in America had been diagnosed with. The disease is so rare that her doctors did not know how to diagnose it at first. The diagnosis did not even come from the local hospital; they collectively came from Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, and The Ohio State University Medical Center. Imagine a person had a normal life. My mom was that person. She worked at News Center 7 as a reporter which was a job she always wanted, she also had twin daughters. Her life was great. Then one day everything changed. Life had already been hard for my mom; she was the primary caretaker of my grandmother who had been fighting brain and lung cancer for six months. In early 2003, my grandmother had a stroke. Since then my mom took care of her, while taking care of most of our family. Since my grandmother could no longer be the glue that held us together, it had to be my mom. My grandmother lost her b...

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