I Lost My Best Friend Analysis

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I lost my best friend at fourteen years old. A day I will ne’er forget. Nearly every aspect is as fresh as it was the day it occurred. It was a Wednesday and I was visiting my grandmother 's house from school. I remember getting in the car and having an unusual feeling so I thought I had forgotten something in my locker. I brushed the unusual feeling off when I reckoned that I had cleaned it out on Monday. My mom and I are on our way to my grandma 's house and once we arrived to her house I walk over to the door and knock four times. I remember wondering if my friend is here because I did not hear her call. She would always call out and get the door whenever I arrive. Although, I figured she is not here yet and decided to go inside and talk with my grandma to find out where she is. While we…show more content…
In the condition she was in and in so much pain, she couldn 't be saved. Losing a best friend, more like a sister, was really rough on me although I’ve learned to be happy for her. For the life she had lived. The last time I spoke to her was the previous Monday, she was so happy. I remember her smile every time we see each other, the warmth when I give her hugs, how much she valued our friendship and that we were like sisters. Losing her taught me to not take anyone or anything for granted. That life is too short to worry about the negatives, to be bitter, or to be rude to anyone. The most important thing for me now is to be happy and grateful for a healthy family, and my overall life. I’ve learned to see what is truly important and what I need to fight for. I also feel after losing her I’ve become a stronger person. She is a memory I will carry with me until I die. Some day, I will tell my children about her and teach them that life is should be cherished. There is no telling when your time is up and if it’s tomorrow you must be happy with the choices you’ve made in your life. I know I will
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