Major Life Events In My Life

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I have been shaped by several major life events that all took place when I was ten years old. After each event, my perspective of the world changed, and I learned to cope with change easily. When I was 10, I thought my world was ending, the worst thing I could ever imagine happened. My dog died on my tenth birthday. I was crushed and couldn 't imagine how I would get through it. Spoiler alert, I survived. That was the first real loss I ever experienced. But a few months later on October 13th, I wished my dog dying was the worst thing that could ever happen. My dad lost his life suddenly while on a motorcycle trip with friends from work while on a ride in Oklahoma. I was very close to my dad growing up and I was always watching him in the garage while he restored classic cars, we spent…show more content…
Our whole future went up in the air, my mom was a stay at home mom and since we relied on my dad to support our family our whole lifestyle changed. I learned to adapt to a whole new way of life because of changes that happened practically overnight. After my dad passed away my mom, sister, and I got a lot closer and we had always been a tight family but now we held on to the only thing we had left, each other. My grandfather had been fighting stage 4 kidney cancer for several months before my dad died. After my father’s death my grandfather’s cancer worsened and he was more visibly ill. On February 18th, he lost his battle to cancer. Once again my heart was broken and I didn 't know how I could possibly get through losing my dad and grandfather in a matter of months, I lost two major role models in my life in five months which alone is a lot for a child to cope with. I had never been good at adjusting to change and there was so much happening so fast. My grandmother started to be a lot more involved in my life after my grandfather passed away. My mom was always “the good kid,” the one who was responsible and really was my
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