What Christianity Teaches Us About Human Responsibility Toward the World

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What Christianity Teaches Us About Human Responsibility Toward the World

In the book of Genesis, it tells us that God created the world. He put

love and care into creating a world that we could live in. The first

humans were told to act as stewards and were given the responsibility

of looking after the world and all its creatures. This means that we

still now, have many responsibilities towards the world, including


The definition of poverty is 'the state of being very poor' but is

there such thing as poverty or is it just inequality? There is a

famous quote, which says: 'the earth has enough for everyman's need

but not enough for everyman's greed.' This tells us that God created

enough for every man; all we have to do is share it equally.

A Christian can learn about their responsibilities towards the world

from the bible. When the bible teaches about the right ways to behave,

the main idea is the way in which we treat each other. Jesus has love

and compassion for the poor and condemns those who do nothing to help

them. We are taught to do as Jesus did. This means that we should help

those in need. The bible teaches us that we cannot have genuine love

for God if we are ignoring people in need at the same time. (John

3:17) We are taught to help the poor so that they can continue to live

among us .We must help them, not exploit them. (Leviticus 25)

Christians believe that God will judge them on whether or not they

helped the poor. This is shown in the parable of the sheep and goats

(Mathew 25). God says that when man helps one of his least important

brothers they are really helping him. In other words, when you help


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... us

that we must not give false evidence against our neighbour to get what

we want.

In conclusion, I believe that the third world communities' problems

are not just their own fault. They were created by others who were

selfish and only thought about themselves. If it wasn't for some

countries taking away all the wealth and natural resources, then third

world countries would be much richer right now and more able to sort

out their problems. However this all happened in the past, these less

developed countries cannot spend the rest of eternity blaming others,

whoever's fault it may be. The world should pull together and help

each other. Christians believe that we should help each other and

treat each other as we would like to be treated. Therefore, the 3rd

worlds problems are not just their own they are everyone's.
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