Christians' Responsibility for Others

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Christians' Responsibility for Others

I am going to look at references from the bible and find out what the

Catholic Church teaches, to find out what Christians believe about

their responsibility for other people, not only Christians but also

every religious group.

There are a number of stories in the bible about how we should treat

our neighbours, the ones I will look at were told by Jesus who uses

stories to get across points to the people of the time, who could

relate to these stories better. First I will look at Mark 12:31 this

states 'Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is no greater

commandment than these.' Jesus gave his people this commandment and

told them that it is one of the greatest and one that should be

followed strictly. Jesus also teaches 'If one of you wants to be

great, he must be the servant of the rest.' These are where Christians

are taught in the bible how to love his or her neighbours, Christians

interpret this in different ways, different Christians have different

priorities, some might put themselves before their neighbour and some

put others before themselves. Sometimes our neighbour could be

thousands of miles away in another country, but we still are showing

charity to him or her by donating money to a cause, which helps people

in need far away from modern society. There usually are more people

that are needy in other countries so we could send aid in the form of

money or gifts. There are people who are also needy in this country we

could help them in the same way as we help the poorer countries, but

in this countries we could try to set up a hostel for the people to

sleep there or some sort of food bar supported by government funding,

we can do this in this country but to travel to the poorer parts of

the world is quite a feat and is best left to organisations that

receive Christian funding, th.

The parable of the sheep and goats explains what will happen at the
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