What Are The Similarities Between Hamlet And The Misanthrope

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Hamlet and The Misanthrope have a couple of similarities. They both have the theme of love. In Hamlet, Claudius killed King Hamlet to take the kingdom and the wife of the king. Prince Hamlet also loved Ophelia although it was not initially apparent. Besides romantic love, the love from family members is apparent as Laertes, brother of Ophelia, seeks to avenge Hamlet after Hamlet drove Ophelia to madness. Hamlet loved his father which is why he wants to avenge Claudius. The Misanthrope had mostly romantic love in which Celimene is the love attraction to Alceste, Oronte, Acaste and Clitandre. Eliante is the love attraction to Philinte. The only commonality in dramaturgy is both plays have a five act structure. Additionally, the characters in both plays are not archetypes but, people with actual names. In contrast, Hamlet has a theme of death. King Hamlet’s ghost accuses Claudius of…show more content…
Alceste, Oronte, Acaste, Philinte and Clitandre exhibit the "Man in Love. Except for Philinte who is in love with Eliante, all the others are in love with Celimene. Acaste demonstrates Menander 's "Bragging soldier" character type as he boasts about himself all throughout the play. Celimene demonstrates the "Prostitute with a Gold Heart" character type due to flirting with anybody that will pay her attention. The Misanthrope has themes that focus on flaws of people. Celimene spends her time criticizing other people and Alceste is outraged by the hypocrisy of mankind. The Dramaturgy of The Misanthrope has an AABB rhyming format. The play has a realistic view of people. Celimene’s note about all of her suitors and how she criticizes them exhibits the sincerity of the play’s characters. These characters relate to how a lot of people feel emotionally. The Misanthrope is influenced by commedia. The play focuses on average humans and the foibles of them, specifically when Celimene and Alceste complain or

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