What Are The Protocols Of Operating Within The Principles Of Sociology

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What exactly is social science? Social science means understanding our own society and civilizations around the world through different timespans. Social science ranks just as high as importance as its physical science counterparts because at its core we seek to understand how humans behave and interact. It is valuable to consider how humans can improve their standard of living, their health, even their economic situation. Social science looks into the dynamics how these improvements take place and transforms through the ages. Personally, social science is the type of research that integrates everything from physical science on one end of the spectrum to the individual’s
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What are the principles that are involved in the foundation? The essential functions of sociology are the following: Individuals will behave differently in groups than alone, Rules that are socially constructed are abide by individuals, society construct the rules, Some people have more power in creating rules and penalties for breaking the rules, These constructed rules of society can be studied scientifically. With these principles, sociologist are able understand society and improve its well-being. The sub disciplines for sociology is as follows
What are the protocols of operating within the principles of sociology? The basic protocols assigned to the sociologist are set to evaluate, interpret, and improve society. The following is an outline of these basic protocols: Monitor changes and conditions in society using research, From a sociological perspective interpret social conditions, Suggest logical changes that improve society, Strategically implement changes, Using research monitor these changes of society.
These protocols used by professional suggest potential changes to improve society, and help implement and evaluate these changes. Within these protocols, sociology is a discipline that identifies, analyzes, and implements changes in the on-going process of social reconstruction. These professionals are actively producing and creating improvements in reality not just
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Upon completion of my degree, I plan take what was learned in the classroom and apply it with the years of experience to excel within the company as a community specialist director. With this advancement I will be specializing in areas such as Autism & IDD (individuals with developmental disabilities) family support by assisting with help with day to day needs i.e., school, medical and behavioral health. Helping clients improve quality of life by dealing with personal problems, in a non-for-profit capacity. I chose sociology and psychology because you are able to explore and navigate different ways to get the best possible answer through research and practice. Works Cited

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